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Choices and Consequences

Everyone can learn from Cameron.  Below is the final speech read at Cameron's funeral written by his Uncle David:


“I have been thinking a great deal about Cameron and how he died and the one thought that keeps recurring to me is the relationship between the choices we make in our lives and the consequences of those choices.


We all make choices every day.  We make simple choices like the path we use to go to work or to go to school, we choose our friends, we choose where we go and we choose what we do when we get there.  What we sometimes forget is that each and every one of our choices can and does have consequences.


Sometimes we make bad choices.  We might choose to cross a busy street without looking.  We might choose to work on a live electrical circuit without bothering to turn the circuit breaker off.  We might choose to climb a ladder near live electrical wires or we might choose to be in a lake or swimming pool during a thunderstorm with lightening.


We all know when we are making a bad choice.  All we have to ask ourselves is what would our parents think about this, or what would our close friends or trusted advisors say if we told them we did this, or even simpler, what is that little voice inside our head called our conscience telling us about what we are about to do.


The point is we all make choices every day.  Sometimes we make bad choices.  Sometimes even when we make bad choices we get lucky and we avoid bad consequences. 


But sometimes we aren’t lucky.  We might burn ourselves or we might break a bone or two, we might lose a finger, we might lose an arm or a leg, we might be paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair for the rest of our lives.  Sometimes, when we make bad choices, we might even die.


Now I believe that each of us is responsible for our own choices and each of us must accept the consequences of the choices we make in life.  So the real question is what choices are each of us going to make going forward in our lives?


If Cameron could speak to us today, I believe he would want his friends and relatives to think about the consequences of their choices.  I believe he would want each of us to remember him when we are about to make a bad decision and to remember that sometimes the consequences of bad decisions are severe and permanent.  I believe he would want us to avoid doing dangerous things just for a momentary thrill.  I believe that he would want none of us to find ourselves in the position in which he found himself on that night.


So I am asking each of you to think about the people in your lives, your friends, and the people with whom you spend time.  I am asking each of you to think about whether the people in your life are likely to be a positive or negative influence on you when it really matters.  I am asking each of you to think about the possible consequences of your actions in your life both to yourself and others.  And finally, I am asking each of you think about what happened to Cameron before you do something you may later regret.  And maybe, by doing those things each of us could honor Cameron’s death and bring a positive outcome to a senseless tragedy.”


2/8/11-News story from The Today Show

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Wendy October 31, 2011
Things are changing
Contacted by an 18 year old in GA with Project Ignition who wants some of Cameron's cards.  Always happy to share Cameron's story.

Have a speaking event in December.

Went to see the new Footloose movie and was very happy at the approach they took.  Of course, the first one had car surfing.  The second one was very different.  When the main character did something stupid, her friends told her they would not stand by and watch while their friend did something dangerous.  Things are changing!  I hope it continues.
Wendy August 26, 2010
2010 Drivers Education Conference

Attended the 2010 Drivers Eduacation Conference on April 23rd speaking to groups of teachers who can take back the message to their students.  Once again, thank you to The Dori Slosberg Foundation for including me and for your commitment to the safety of our kids.


Wendy March 21, 2010
Tallahassee Traffic Safety Week

Attended Tallahassee Traffic Safety Week March 2-7, 2010.  The week before Cameron's two year anniversary.  Spoke to 3 groups of kids and had a great week.  So nice to do something positive at a very difficult time of the year.  Thank you to The Dori Slosberg Foundation and the FSU Police Dept. for including me!


Wendy November 17, 2009

Cameron's story has been added to two teen safe driving websites and I wanted to share those. and

Cameron's Mom October 23, 2009
Speaking Event
Spoke to two groups of students last Sunday at Ocoee High School with my friend Connie.  The kids were very touched by what they saw and heard.  We even stopped some girls who were getting ready to go for a ride around the parking lot on the trunk of a car.  Cameron put us right where we needed to be.
Wendy June 29, 2009
Highway Safety Dinner

I am heading with Connie to "Staying Alive on 95" in conjunction with the passing of the new seat belt law.  This event is hosted by "The Dori Slosberg Foundation."  We will be going to a dinner with many important people in attendance including the head of the FHP (really looking forward to that).  We will also be participating in the saturation patrol and then meeting with the President of the Foundation to hopefully discuss a safety campaign which includes carsurfing and street racing.  Looking forward to my 'Cameron Time.'


Mom March 31, 2009
The Dori Slosberg Foundation

An excellent foundation!  Check out  They are doing great things!

Teresa Fisher October 1, 2008
Nicholas Fisher's MOM

My heart wept as I read all of the terrible things that have been said about this tragic accident that Cameron had...




My son Nicholas Ryan Fisher died in a horrific car accident.  He also died of massive head injuries..  He was ejected from a Jeep in Orlando Florida...


He also made a BAD decision on April 15, 2006.  He went to a local night club called "Pounders" on University Blvd.  There were 8 of them all together..... ALL UNDER AGE.  In Florida it appears that if the club serves food, you only have to be 18 to get in!  A designated driver had been agreed upon... His name:  Brent H. Lewis. However he decided to drink that night anyway.  My son not only got into the vehicle with him allowing Brent to drive, but Nick also did NOT wear his seatbelt.

.... he always wore his seatbelt.


That night my son died from the jeep flying in the air and landing on his head... Two years I had to listen to the most heart wrenching comments from attorneys, media, people on the internet... About how it was my sons fault because he was drinking... or one less college drinker to worry about... how it wasn't the young mans fault that was driving... It ripped out our hearts over and over.  The Orlando Homicide Investigators ... a joke... the prosecuting attorneys... afraid of the best defense lawyer money could buy...


... At the trial... I asked the judge where the people were who owned the night club?  The people who served these underage kids alcohol...  I told them all... the Judge, attorneys, media, that it stops right there... right now... NO MORE WILL I HEAR THAT IT WAS MY SONS FAULT... OR THAT HIS BLOOD ALCOHOL LEVEL WAS.... OR HE DECIDED TO GET INTO THE JEEP....  




I know that Nick would have never got into the jeep if he knew he was going to die that night...  I know that Brent would have never drove if he knew he was going to kill my son that night...  My son paid the consequence of his choice to drink and to get in the jeep... He paid with his life.  Brent got 15 years probation for he decision to drive and kill my son... 


Cameron would have NEVER got in that shopping Cart if he knew he would be taken that night either....


I will share Camerons story here in Michigan....  My Nicholas was also the most loving amazing young man... in College in Orlando... Today is his Birthday... September 30th... Please share his story... Never to get into a vehicle with someone who is drinking... no matter what..


To Cameron and Nicholas!  May you both look down upon us with love sweet boys!

Mom September 10, 2008
It has been 6 months, a half a year, and it seems like it was yesterday, but I wanted to give everyone an update on some news we found out after seeing the autopsy report.  There was absolutely no alcohol or drugs in Cameron's system.  He was just having fun with his friends.  But that fun cost him his life.  I was glad to find that out. 
Wendy Bieberle July 16, 2008
Pocket Cards

Thank you Perfect Printing who read the card to proof it and decided to donate 1000 cards.


I am having a pocket card printed up to get the word out about Cameron.  I want to give them to his friends as a reminder, put some at the places Cameron frequented, give them out randomly as needed and eventually I would like to speak at schools.  Since Cameron's death, I have seen a guy holding onto a bus while riding his bike (no helmet of course), seen many people texting while driving (are you guilty?), and heard many peoples stories about crazy stuff they did when they were young and how amazed they are that they survived.  I have met several heartbroken mothers who have lost children due to their childrens or other peoples bad choices.  I can't tell you how bad it hurts.  It does happen.  Do not think it can't happen to you. 

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