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Grandparents Page



Cameron, we had so much fun together that it is so hard to choose a favorite memory.  Hiking was one of the fun things we did together, and  I will never forget our day at the Enchanted Forest in Titusville.   You and Kristen always seemed to enjoy our special hiking trips.  One of the highlights of the day came when you spotted that vine in the forest, which was perfect for swinging.  It was like God had created it especially for our day.  Pop-Pop tried to swing on the vine with little success, but you and Kristen managed to give me some great photo moments that day.  The wild pigs were in the forest too!  We found a place where they spent some time rooting so we had to be cautious on our hike.  Kristen was especially fond of trying to take a photograph of the armadillos we spotted.  The photos didn’t turn out well, but you two had a lot of fun watching the little beasts.  We got some great pictures of you and Kristen climbing on those big rocks too. 




You always gave everyone such thrill rides in the golf cart!

You learned to beat me at horseshoes!  I remember how frustrated you were the first time we played and you thought it was going to be an easy win.  I fooled you because I am really good at the game .  You didn’t realize that I have played horseshoes since I was a little girl, starting when I could barely throw that heavy thing. 

Though terribly shy in an endearing way, you were always ready to show off your talents at my house.  Your hillbilly performances with Kristen always made me laugh.  You even talked me into joining your performance one time.  Your Mom got a good laugh out of that one. 

I always loved having you and Kristen spend the night.  We never failed to plan a fun adventure for the weekend.  You were always hard to wake up in the morning, but when we reminded you that a new adventure was waiting, you would always manage to get moving.

Our horseback riding adventure in Georgia is also a favorite memory.  You were so awesome on a horse and I am glad we had such a beautiful week together. 

I will never forget the joy in my heart when I realized that you shared my love of music.  My grandfather played the violin and passed his love for music to me.   When you became interested in playing music, I couldn’t hear you play enough.  You had a natural talent.

The best part of my life was when we all spent time together.  Your Mom always kept you close to us by making sure we were a big part of your life.  We always anticipated our family time together. 

You taught me many things over the years and I will always cherish and remember you, my Grandson.

You have a part of my heart with you.  -   Nanny


Wendy Bieberle March 8, 2012
Loving you always Cameron

By Nanny:  Nanny and PopPop miss you my sweet grandson.  We are heartbroken beyond words to have lost you.  As the time passes, we constantly seek our memories of time spent with you to bring us some sort of peace.  During this four year passage of time we have found our loss hard to understand.  It is so unfair that you were taken from us. There is a sadness in our hearts that we will carry until we can embrace you again, an empty space that cannot be filled.  It still seems so unbelievable that you are gone, like it is just a bad dream and we will just wake up.  You are carried in our hearts, and you will be remembered forever.  You are so very loved………

Nanny October 1, 2010
I sometimes wonder if the things that happen are signs from you or just signs I want to see.  Coming home from work last night, you and Wendy were foremost in my thoughts.  She has such a hard time getting through all of this and I feel that you are trying to help her.  As I turned my car left, your photo button was reflecting in the sunlight so dramatically that I thought it must be a sign from you, that you are all around us.  It was as if someone was turning a light on & off rapidly.  Then as I passed the football field at Lake Mary High, there was a band practicing in the lot.  It was the only time this year I have seen & heard them practicing.  Again, I thought of your love for music.  Finally, the sign that keeps the students up to date said, "tomorrow is spirit day".  I know they define spirit in a different way than I, but your spirit seems to be here.  Three things within just a brief two minute period & I said, ah, it is a sign. 
Nanny September 3, 2010
Cameron, My Wish
My wish is to hear your voice, see your face, touch you, and tell you again what a special grandson you will always be.  Life will never be the same without you here.  You brought so many smiles to my face in eighteen years.  I relished our time together and began planning our next adventure every time we parted.  I am so sad that our adventures can only be memories and no longer plans.  I know someday my wish will be fulfullied and we will be together again.  Love Forever, My Angel Grandson.
Nanny June 17, 2010
Missing you

I remember our trips together & tomorrow we will be embarking on a trip to Ireland without our precious grandson.  Tomorrow as we fly over the ocean, your spirit will be with us.  My heart is breaking today as I think of an adventure like this without you.  You will be in my thoughts every moment.  I love you so much.


Nanny December 30, 2008
Nanny's Random Memories
Cameron, I was going to read this on Christmas & let everyone jot down their thoughts too, but the day was so different without you & Papaw.  So here goes!  Your loves were family, music, fishing, skiing, golf carting around the neighborhood, motorcycles, horseshoes (especially when you beat me), roller coasters, skateboarding, horseback riding, collecting everything, sleeping (anywhere, even under the cot at my house), hot pockets, computer games, drawing, puzzles, magic (including that spaghetti trick), arcade games, Coca-cola, pokeman, ham (it surprised you too), chicken & dumplings (just like your Papaw), watching videos in our luxury van, putting coins on the railroad tracks, climbing the forest tower ( you got to the top first), playing chess with Papaw, good comedians (including Bob Nelson), juggling (including hackesac), doing headstands with Kristen, foreign exchange students that came to visit on the holidays (they loved you too), & trying to get stuffed animals out of that machine.  You didn't like sandwiches or algebra.  You thought you would never grow tall, but you did.  You told me you wanted to be a fireman, archeologist, engineer, or an architect.  You were very good at geometry, just like your Papaw.  You always enjoyed performing silly skits with your sister.  You liked to stay up all night & sleep all day.  You loved my cuddly, big brown bear when you were small.  You thought the TV remote was used for headbanging when you were very little. You loved classical music as a young child.  You loved to pretend you were driving our boat when you were very small.  You wanted to build a home for your family on Lake Ruth.  You were Kristen's protector.  You were the greatest grandson I could have ever asked for.  Love Nanny
Wendy September 16, 2008
A poem I found

There is always a face before me

A voice I would love to hear

A smile I will always remember

Of a Grandson I love so dear

Deep in my heart lies a picture

More precious than silver or gold

It's a picture of my Grandson

Whose memory will never grow old.


Grandparents suffer so much too!  I know.  I love you!

Wendy July 25, 2008
Cameron wrote this 9/21/05

"My heros are my Grandparents.  They are the coolest, funnest people in the world.  They let me do fun stuff like play horseshoes, shoot guns, go fishing, go hiking and just have a good time.  They are always fun to be around and I love them.  Plus, they put up with my mom." 


That little rascal!!!

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