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Cameron's grandmother was making this scrapbook for Cameron before he died.  Unfortunately, he never got to see it.  She is continuing to add to it for all who loved him.

These were done before Cameron passed away:

Once Upon a Time, There was an amazing Nanny! (You thought I was going to say boy?)   

..An Adventurer!

Cameron is my hero!  You'd better watch out Hook!

Hook and Smead had better take Heed of this Little Swashbuckler

"It's All Relative" says: Well judging from the photos on the right, there are a couple of hillbillies living right here in Winter Park on Mandan Trail.  I heard that a long time ago, one of their grandparents lived in the hills of Hokes Bluff, Alabama.  Yes, that's right!  The address is Rural Route 2 in Alabama.  Ever heard of it?  Well it didn't even have a post office.  But, their grandpa has a street named after  his family.  I guess that explains the behavior of these two kids.  They seem really proud of their heritage.  Well, all joking aside, have you ever seen anything like this before?  Scientists in the area have been studying the family and the conclusion is unanimous.  It's all relative!!!!  The good news is that Nanny, the all important grandma in the family is from Longwood, Florida.  There may still be some hope for these two Bieberle's.  Next week, our article will focus on the parents of these two youngun's.  Be sure not to miss it.

"Flowers in bloom thanks to local yocal!" reads: Well, the man growing this beautiful flower in Longwood claims that this flower is called a Maypop.  I think he named it after himself, PopPop.  You can be the winner of our contest next week if you know that name of this flower.  The man responsible for growing this gorgeous flower is shown in the photo on the right.  He is with his wife who is all dressed up for a night out.  In an interview with his wife, it was revealed that PopPop loves the outdoors.  His special interests are fishing, especially with his grandson, and riding motorcycles.  He may not look like a gentle man, but he enjoys carving, painting and making bowls out of wood.    Subscriptions to this paper are free to anyone who can read.  For your copy, call Nanny or Pop-Pop editors.


I am still trying to figure out how to link this to provide a scrapbook that is easier to see.  It is a work in process, so be sure to check back later for new pages.  I wanted to make Cameron laugh when he looked at his scrapbook and sadly he never got to see my gift of love.

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