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Kristen & Cameron
        Cameron and Kristen throughout the years.
Kristen’s response to what a perfect world would be like….
In my perfect world I would still have a big brother. If my big brother Cameron was still here I would be able to cherish all the wonderful moments that we would share in life. All the times I can never have now. Growing up he would be able to help me through my emotional teenage years and show me right from wrong to guide me down the right path. I would learn from his mistakes and I could always be the annoying little sister that he still loved because I would always put a smile on his face. Over the years we would be there for each other whenever necessary. The beautiful moments throughout life that we would always remember like the day we each got married or the day each of our children were born would most definitely be memorable moments. I could be the awesome aunt to his kids and he could be the crazy uncle to mine. Our brother-sister bond would last forever. Our family gatherings like Thanksgiving and Christmas would be all the more special because we would remember all our fun times on holidays when we were younger. No one knows you like your sibling and for them to always be there when you need them is such a special gift. So in my perfect world, it wouldn’t matter about the glitz and glam but about the people you share your life with who love and care about you. The memories we make together would be enough. 



Kristen 2008

Mom March 23, 2010
Sibling Loss

It is said when your parents die, you lose your past;
when your spouse dies, you lose your present;
and when your child dies, you lose your future.
However, when your sibling dies, you lose your past, your present and your future. After all, the relationship between siblings is potentially the longest of their lives.

Author unknown

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