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Shaina Happy Birthday September 3, 2012
Happy Birthday  Sweet Angel!! Love and miss you so much!!! Thinking of you all the time <3 <3 <3 <3. Can't wait to see you Cam!! *Hugs*
Still thinking of you Cameron!!! We had so much crazy fun in middle school, getting into trouble lol. I remember the last day when it was me you and Amy taking pictures... I still have that picture of you I took when I was sitting next to you on the bench at Dommerich, you still had your braces on :).. I'll keep that picture close to me forever. I replay that day in my head often. Wish I could go back to that day... I'll never forget that smile when you walked away and mooned me and Amy lol! in the parking lot, me and Amy still talk about that day!!! The last time I saw you was at Coreys house.... :( Love and miss you Cameron <3

This Halloween is so sad.  Home alone and missing you.  You may have gone out but I know we would have still watched Ghosthunters Live together, we would have just recorded it.  I watched it last year too but this year, I remembered how the last time or the time before that, not sure, you watched it and had heard a whisper that the people there did not hear.  You knew right where it was and backed it up and exictedly told me to listen to this. It was really cool!  I told you to write in and let them know.  Not sure if you ever did.  Now, there are things I will never know.  This is still all so unfair.

As Halloween approaches, one of your favorite holidays, my memory of some of your costumes just makes me smile.  I think my favorite was when you decided to be a cereal killer.  It was really original & funny.  You are still in my thoughts continuously and I will miss you forever.  Your name is the first one that comes up in my address book on my computer when I am looking for someone's name that begins with a "C".  I sometimes feel like I could send you an email.  I am sending all my love & kisses to heaven.  Forever, Nanny.
Aunt Cyndi
Always thinking of you Cameron. Every time I see something with musical notes or sit down with my son Brice to put together a LEGO set you enter my mind. I miss you so much and want to put my arms around you and give you the biggest hug ever. I miss smile, your crazy laugh. I remember when I was staying with you and your parents we used to stay up and hang out and just talk. You are such a wonderful person with a heart as big as TEXAS. I love you and wait for the day when we are all together again. Someday soon. I love you sweety. Send mom kisses and hugs from heaven.
I was just thinking about the time on the New York field trip when you got left behind on the way to dinner. We all freaked out at first, but it was pretty funny after we found you. Good thing you were smart enough to stay put in the last place that we saw you, otherwise we would have been back in Orlando telling you parents we lost you lol. I miss all the fun times we had on the trip. So many memories...
Another year without you seems like a waste.  So sad without you.  New Year just arrived and Green Day is on.  I remember you really liked them.  A song you never got to hear.  Anyway, at dinner tonight we were talking about you and Kristen reminded us how one time you got out of the shower and there was still dirt on your face and arm.  I think you just rinsed off.  It made us laugh. And I was thinking about all the times we rang in the new year together.  We would skip dinner and I would make a bunch of hor'doerves and we would watch the shows on TV and countdown to the ball drop.  In the those earlier years though, I had to wake all of you guys up as after your bellies were full, all would fall asleep on the couch.  We miss you!

Here we are again, another Christmas without you.  I cherish the wonderful times we spent together over your beautiful eighteen years.  There is a wonderful movie of you and Kristen helping your mom and me decorate our Christmas tree when you were small.  In the film, there was a special moment when you hugged me so tight I could barely walk.  We were on our way to fetch the candy canes for the tree.  Kristen was still small then, but she was the first in line for the treat.  It will always be one of my favorite memories of Christmas.  Kristen and your mom helped decorate my tree this year.  There are new ornaments on the tree for you.  You are so missed. 

Aunt Luanne

We  went to a restaurant called Cherry Pocket a while back and it brought back sweet memories of the last time we were all there together with Cameron. I glanced over at the table we all sat at and the exact spot where Cameron was sitting....It made me smile because of the fun we had that evening.  It made me sad too because he is missed so much and that was the last time I saw him.  I am sooo grateful we had that evening together.:) A SWEET memory I will never forget!

Love and hugs,


Last night I remembered how it was your job to clean out the fireplace.  It was obviously during the winter because we had just used it.  Not sure totally what happened but you ended up using the vaccuum cleaner and it's amazing it didn't catch on fire.  It definitely burned/melted something because the smell was horrible.  Guess you decided that was easier than scooping.  We still have that vaccuum and it still has that smell when you turn it on.  And I'm glad it does.  We all laughed about it.  Miss you and your hi-jinks!  You brought so much joy and laughter to my life.  Feel like I will never find the joy again.  Only seeing your smiling face in heaven could bring that back. Loving you and thinking of you always!
A favorite memory of mine was Mothers Day a few years ago.  We had a wonderful time, starting out our day at your favorite restaurant, Sonny's BarBQ.  You always covered everything on your plate with the smokin barbq sauce.  After that, the whole family went to the bowling alley.  I remember bragging to you about my fine bowling skills and the fact that I had an average of 135 when I was bowling on the league.  Well, to my shock, after not bowling for several years, my first game that day was an 18.  I couldn't keep the ball out of the gutter.  You laughed and said, "Nanny!  I thought you knew how to bowl!".  I recovered a little of my skill the next game with a solid 110 & that made me feel a little better, but you amazed everyone that day with the high score of the day.  I think you bowled close to 200 that day.  What a smile that brought to your face!!!!!  I miss you more than words can express, my Grandson forever. 
A girl who was in middle school with Cam

She had a crush on Cameron at one time but always an admiration for:


"The only reason I like this class is because of Cameron. I don't like him anymore, it's just...he's the only one who isn't rude to me and he at least talks to me and treats me like I'm a human!  I mean he's cute and all, it's just everyone ruined it by thinking we were going out!  And now I know he doesn't like me, I don't like him, although I am pretty crushed!"


Another girl: "Yeah, Cameron is real nice...I don't think he is ever mean to people unless they or someone beats him up or tries to."


"Yeah, Cameron is cool.  He can have an attitude but only if you mess with him or if he's standing up for someone or when someone is picking on him or trying to pick on him."


"The only reason I like Spanish is because Cameron is here.  He's the only one who talks to me.  I wish I wasn't so invisible."


A recent note from her mother: "Cameron meant so much to my daughter - more than people realize. She had such a hard time in middle school - so many changes in her life - not just those awkward years but also I was getting ready to have a baby and for some reason she had a really hard time making friends. It was very sad and difficult. She blossomed later in high school but those middle school years were so difficult. Except for Cameron. Wendy, Cameron was her friend no matter what and ALWAYS made her smile, never looked down on her and always said hello. I remember one time we were at the 7-11 after school and Cameron was there along with some other kids. Cameron went up to her and talked to herand he just made her smile. Then some kids said 'Come on Cam.  Why you talkin to her?? He said because he wanted too...and then he said good bye and left. At first she was sad that they said what they did but I said look at who the true friend was...Cameron. We loved seeing him riding his bike back and forth to school and we would always wave hello and he would wave back. Cameron also had a big impact on her trip to New York. A lot of the kids didn't want to hang out with her - but Cameron had no problem. I just wanted you to know how important Cameron was to her - especially during those years. Middle school is always rough - but Cameron was the diamond in the rough for my daughter- and I want to thank you for raising such an amazing young man and that he will always impact her life. He was extremely special to her."

It is funny how memories just come flooding back to me about our time shared.  I never see them coming, but I am reminded of you in so many ways each & every day.  I was watching "Hot Shots", the movie, and it made me laugh.  I thought you would have probably liked it too.  The part that made me think of you and smile was in the tepee when Charlie Sheen was wearing his funny bunny slippers & using the peace pipe with the helium balloon attached.  It made me recall the day you & Kristen were inhaling the helium balloons & talking funny.  I miss you, your smile, your compassion, your sense of humor, your companionship, and so much more.
You were always way smarter than me on the computer although I would like to think I am pretty good.  I remember when I put the parental block on the computer and you had your own sign in.  I wanted to make sure you were being good on there.  I went to work when I came home, you had broke my codes and changed it around so you were in charge.  When I noticed and was in awe, you gave me the most impish grin.  You were not perfect, who is?  But you were still the greatest son I could have asked for. 
I spent the day thinking of you, and missing you.  One of my favorite memories came to me this afternoon.  When you were little, you watched PopPop drink his coffee in the morning whenever you spent the night with us.  You always begged to be allowed to have a cup because you knew only grownups were supposed to drink it.  You were so cute the way you fixed it too.  You always filled your cup about half full of coffee, then added about a ton of sugar & finished up the cup with milk.  Then when you drank it, you said it was really good, but I knew you didn't like it.  You still asked for it every morning anyway.  You were so adorable we couldn't say no.
Arlene Ginn

When Cam was in my class, I would anxiously wait for him to walk in the door.  Why? .. because his smile, his unassuming manner, his pure love for everyone was like a breath of fresh air.  Out of all the students that I have lost in death, Cam's homegoing has been the most devastating for me.  Why? ... because he gave so much more than he got.  ... because he was always more concerned about others than himself ... because he saw the good in others before he saw the bad. 

Sweetie, if you can hear me in heaven, please know that Mrs. Ginn will always consider you as my boy.  Rest well, son.  I will see you in the raptures ... and when I do, the first thing that I want to see is that beautiful smile.

Mrs. Arlene Ginn


Valentine Memories:

Of course when you were little you always made me something but last year was the first year and unfortunately the last year that you took to time to go buy gifts for me, Kristen and Emily.  You were so cute.  In the morning, you went and got the chocolate bars out of the fridge and excitedly gave one to me and one to Kristen.  What was even cuter was that I think it was baking chocolate and didn't taste too good but it was so sweet of you baby.  And you had gotten Emily a little ape that sings.  She named him "Ron" short for "Came-ron" and she takes him with her everywhere she goes.  Wish you were here!!! I really missed what would have been.

A few more random memories:  the pogo stick, tricks done on your bike and skateboard, you could ride the unicycle and walk on stilts, your love and skill with legos, the ants when they got you that time when you were little, showing me funny videos, the magic shows you liked to watch when you were smaller, your pressed penny collection (and all your other collections), your love of monkeys, you wanted a feret but you killed your goldfish so that wasn't happening, teaching Kitten to come to you like a dog would (I love that cat, she really misses you), your Eclipse, then your Dodge Stealth (you loved cars, black ones), how you passed the driving test on the first try, how happy you were when you got your diploma, how you could keep a secret, how you learned to diffuse a situation (a great skill), playing your video games, especially the PSP and guitar hero on the XBOX (you had skill), sleeping on the couch, your computer skills, how you lost things (cell phones, ipods, homework), the whistle sounds Poppop taught you, your bowling trophies (how important it was to get some sort of a trophy),  how you could eat and eat without gaining a pound, your broken arm on the zip line, how proud you were of your job at UPS, and I am sure I will think of many, many more.  You always knew life could be short and you always lived it to the fullest.
Nanny's Random Memories
Cameron, I was going to read this on Christmas & let everyone jot down their thoughts too, but the day was so different without you & Papaw.  So here goes!  Your loves were family, music, fishing, skiing, golf carting around the neighborhood, motorcycles, horseshoes (especially when you beat me), roller coasters, skateboarding, horseback riding, collecting everything, sleeping (anywhere, even under the cot at my house), hot pockets, computer games, drawing, puzzles, magic (including that spaghetti trick), arcade games, Coca-cola, pokeman, ham (it surprised you too), chicken & dumplings (just like your Papaw), watching videos in our luxury van, putting coins on the railroad tracks, climbing the forest tower ( you got to the top first), playing chess with Papaw, good comedians (including Bob Nelson), juggling (including hackesac), doing headstands with Kristen, foreign exchange students that came to visit on the holidays (they loved you too), & trying to get stuffed animals out of that machine.  You didn't like sandwiches or algebra.  You thought you would never grow tall, but you did.  You told me you wanted to be a fireman, archeologist, engineer, or an architect.  You were very good at geometry, just like your Papaw.  You always enjoyed performing silly skits with your sister.  You liked to stay up all night & sleep all day.  You loved my cuddly, big brown bear when you were small.  You thought the TV remote was used for headbanging when you were very little. You loved classical music as a young child.  You loved to pretend you were driving our boat when you were very small.  You wanted to build a home for your family on Lake Ruth.  You were Kristen's protector.  You were the greatest grandson I could have ever asked for.  Love Nanny
Mom-Last Year's Superbowl
Emily had brought it to my attention that last year, the night of the Superbowl, was the night you and she were sitting in her car in our driveway.  She had come by to see you and I embarrassed you so bad when I went to get pizza.  I was like "HI EMILY!  I'M GETTING A VEGGIE PIZZA. YOU SHOULD STAY." And she couldn't see the dirty look you gave me but it was so cute.  And then I came back and said some more stuff to embarrass you although I don't remember what it was.  Isn't it a parent's job to embarrass their children?  You weren't mad though.  You thought it was funny.  I miss you so much!
Mom-Christmas Memories

Our annual cookie bake is this weekend.  Although I don't remember you baking the cookies too much, I do remember you sampling them!  You and JR would always run around having a lot of fun together.  Hitting golf balls, riding in the golf cart, fishing, paddle boating and having a good time.


Christmas mornings were always so fun.  It was one of the few mornings you were easy to get up.  You and Kristen would wake us up so we could get downstairs to see what Santa had brought.  Once the presents were opened, you guys would always forget about your huge stockings and would then find many more surprises. 


I am so glad last year that I got you the Xbox you wanted.  I'm sorry you only got to enjoy it less than 3 months.  I wanted to get the Wii but the stores were all out.  I'm glad they were.  You really wanted the XBox.  Isn't it weird that you got me an angel for Christmas last year?


Remember the year dad did a little shopping for you and Kristen?  You thought one of yours was a ball.  But he had wrapped up a grapefruit and a juicer for you and brownie mix and pans for Kristen so you guys could make him stuff.  Aren't you glad I did most of the shopping?


We would almost always go to nanny and pop pops for Christmas.  You didn't use to like ham, so nanny would always make chicken and dumplings too, specially for you. 

These are just a few of our wonderful Christmas memories.  I miss you everyday, every minute, but on Christmas I will especially these happy times we shared.  I love you.

casey hand
the best memory that i have of cameron and i was when we were just little bucks.  we were with my uncle (his dad darda) doing the route of lawn mowing. we always wanted to be out playing and doing kid stuff but now that i think about it, it is those moments that i will cherish for life, just me, cameron and uncle darda doing men's work. i wish that i could still be walking behind him doing the weed-eating while he mows and take the blower and try to blow him over getting all the grass and dirt off of him after the day was over. we had some good times. i love you and we will get to do them again when we meet up on the other side but for now we have the memories that we can share and that we will never forget.

Halloween memories: You always wanted to be something scary but I never liked those.  So when you were little, you went for the pirate thing, one time Hook and another a mummy.  A football player once too.  At Kristen's 12th birthday party, you were 15, you put a knife (fake of course) through a cereal box and said you were a "cereal killer." You were so funny.  That was the last time you really dressed up.  Said you were too old.  If you were home, you would pass out the candy. I remember when you ran out of candy because you gave the kids so much and then you were giving out fireballs. I came home and asked what you were doing and you said "That's all we had" and we laughed about it.  I doubt those kids parents were very happy but it was so funny. I love and miss you so much!  

Cameron's Mom

I wanted to write down some random memories that have come to mind as I don't want to ever forget them: 

The shocking pen you bought, you were always trying to get us. You put it in the basket of pens and it looked like a regular pen, but when you clicked it on, a shock you got!  I don't even know where it is but I'm sure you'll get me again someday!  Your scientific experiments, you would get ideas from "Mythbusters." You always wanted to know how everything worked.  "Ghosthunters" and "Lost", our shows! How you wanted to work for TAPS! It's hard to watch them without you.

Our excitement together anytime another "Pirates of the Carribean" movie was coming out and how we were going to go see the new "Indiana Jones" together.  But we didn't get the chance to see that one together. The tears you cried when we watched sad shows.  You were so sensitive and I loved that you had such a caring heart.   When you were little, it was "Spongebob Squarepants!" and even when you were older, you still loved watching it and singing the intro song.  And singing "I'm ready, I'm ready!" when you were finally ready to go.  Of course, when we were going somewhere really fun, you managed to get ready a lot quicker. 

Also, Red Lobster's all-you-can-eat shrimp.  You were always trying to beat your record.  I believe the last record was 55!  And you loved their shrimp pasta.The chips and queso at Chili's was one of your favorites.  And then you liked Sushi and kept telling me I needed to go with you to try it.  But I never did.  I finally did and suprisingly, I did kinda like it. Some of your favorite foods: lasagna, chicken cordon blue, and remember those cup of noodles things you loved.  They were so cheap and I told you when you moved out, I was going to stock your cupboards with those things.  You finally did get kinda sick of them after about a year. When you, dad and Kristen went to Brusters for free ice cream if you wore your pjs. Dad thought you weren't prepared, but you had your pj pants with you, took off your pants when you got there (good thing you wore boxers) and put them on. We got a laugh out of that. 

How you laughed when I had to act like a chinese woman to get you to "Go take a shauw-er!"  How you enjoyed my singing and my dancing (not that it was good, especially the dancing) that I can't seem to do anymore because it is too painful.  And your funny "happy dance".  I remember teaching you to drive a stick when you got your Eclipse and how quickly you learned.  You were a really good driver and never had an accident that was your fault.  The one accident, not your fault, was the time you were at a stop sign and someone rear-ended you and then backed up and took off, a hit and run.  You handled it well and had to fix it yourself and did a good job.  You were also my protector.  Anytime a man would look at me, you would give them a dirty look.  You'd say for me to hear "Don't be lookin' at my mama!"  You were always watching out for us and I guess you still are. 

There are so many things and I will continue to add them as I think of them because I never, ever want to forget! 

I could not love you more, but I do miss you more and more. 

Jennifer Marie Minor

Hey I can remember all the fun times we had going to condo in cocoa with Joe,caralynn and Brandy Jones and David (fun times) . Also when Joe had a stupid idea about forking your yard and we just made you laugh. You are going to be deeply missed and I will never forget all the fun times we had doing crazy stuff. And Your mom did an amazing job raising you and I wish I could of been there to talk you out of doing the stupid stuff like I use to.



You will never be forgotten


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